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To our friends of the Compassion Society,


We are reaching out to all you who have helped Compassion Society either as a donor of goods or money or as a volunteer. You know about our work – during the past year we helped 650 households.


Last Christmas more than 1,000 men, women, and children had a brighter holiday thanks to the gifts we provided with your help. Our team of 55 volunteers and one part-time Executive Director distributed 420,000 clothing items and 96 tons of food.


We help those in need, no matter what their faith, ethnicity, or background.
We seek to help in a non-judgmental way that respects the dignity of everyone.
We try to give a hand up, not a handout!


We work with other charitable organizations and social services in the Halton Region to help find employment, social programs, intervention services, housing programs, or even a bed for the night. Our strong focus on the development and support of children in programs like those providing back-to-school backpacks or gifts during the holiday season.


All the food, clothing, and gifts we give out are donated.


The Compassion Society must raise funds for our basic operating expenses, such as rent & utilities for our store, costs of running our van, and payroll.


We receive NO government funding to keep our doors open. We rely exclusively on the kindness and charity of donors like you.


Between now and January 31, 2019, we are seeking to raise $50,000 from individual and corporate donors.


Every gift, large or small, helps us meet this goal.


Donation receipts will be given to you, qualifying your gift as an income tax deduction for every gift of $25 or more.


Please click the DONATE button below.


Thank you for your careful consideration about how you can help Compassion Society.








Graham Browne

Chair of the Board


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